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Bulk Seed Tenders

Patriot bulk seed tenders are built to help you save time and money by delivering seed to your field and getting it in your planter quickly and efficiently.

Pro Box Seed Tender

Box Seed Tenders

Whether you need two or four seed boxes our easy to load box seed tenders can get the job done.

Bulk Conveyor Seed Tender

Bulk Conveyor Seed Tenders

Worried about damaging your seed? Our bulk Conveyor seed tenders, with their rotating design and hydraulic conveyor lift, allow you to reach anywhere around the tender without the worry of damaged seed.

Pro Box Seed Tender With Conveyor

Box Conveyor Seed Tenders

Our conveyor version of box seed tenders allows you to load the seed on to the tender easily without causing the damage to the seed. The long reach of our conveyor makes it easy to reach those places a traditional auger might not.

Bulk Seed Tender

Weigh Wagons

Patriot Weigh Wagons mimic the design of our seed tenders, but include a Digistar scale system, seed ports, and a roll top. Our weigh wagons feature a removable top divider that allows you to use it as both a seed tender and a weigh wagon.

Seed Bag Handler

Bag Handler

The Patriot Bag Handler allows you to maneuver seed bags easily using forks.

Pro Box Seed Treating System

Seed Treating Systems

Patriot Seed Treating Systems offer a reliable and economical way to apply chemicals to seed. Our treatment delivery systems supply a calibrated, pressurized flow of treatment to the spray tips.

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